Housing Societies


A housing co-operative society forms when people come together to own and control the building in which they live. They form a co-operative; it is the co-operative that owns the building, land and any common areas. Members of co-operative are the people living in co-operative housing society and the run the co-op society from organizing social activities to, to maintenance, to handling financing.


The members set the by-laws of the co-operative society and also elect managing committee, President, secretary, treasurer among themselves. The board makes sure that things run smoothly and according to the co-operative by-laws and operating agreements. People from different background, culture and community live in a co-operative housing society so it is very important to follow cooperative law for smooth functioning of CHS. Some time differences come between members or board members/ committee members and end up in legal case. In Mira Bhayander there are already thousands of cases are pending in co-operative court. A financial expense during this process has to be bare by people resulting loss of money of the people involved in it.


Co-operative societies are formed so that member sort out their problems with in the society with mutual consent. Sahakar Bharati working in co-operative sector is there to solve society related problems. Sahakar Bharati Mira Bhayander conducting seminars on problems related to CHS. If any individual CHS member has any problem with committee he can consult Sahakar Bharati legal section.


Sahakar Bharati will keep watch on all the societies of Mira Bhayander and announcing best society award. Sahakar Bharati also give award for Best President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Awards will be given to the society who has no legal case in co-operative court.


Sahakar Bharati’s Mahila Bachat gat section provides assistance in Audit, Accounting, conveyance deed, structural auditing and society related issues in legal way and on economic rates. If you give this work to Mahila Bachat Gat than your work will be done in legal way and you are helping these Bachat Gat consisting poor women.


CHS- Events at Mira Bhayander

On 16th November 2008 Sahakar Bharti organized Seminar on problem related to Housing Societies like conveyance deed, registration, structural audit, insurance, accounting, audit, rain water harvesting. Legal advice was given on all these issues by experts. At: Shanti Sagar A-30 Shanti Shopping Center Mira Road East 


183 CO-OP Housing Societies member participated in this program

Speaker- Shri Anand Pranjpai Pune Sahakar Bharati hsg Pramukh.


Meeting at Bhayander

Meeting for the societies of Mira Bhayander on problem related to conveyance deed structural audit, and accounting.

200 societies member attended this meeting. Meeting was held on 18th December 2008, at Sonam Builder Compound

New Golden Nest Bhayander East.

Meeting at Swaminarayan Mandir Hall




Seminar on  the issue of Re-Development of Shanti Nagar, for Housing Societies of Shanti Nagar Mira Road, on 10th october 2009, at Swaminarayan Mandir Hall 1st Floor, speaker Adv. Vidhwans Madhukar- Sahakar Bharati Konkan region HSG Head , Mr. Rajan Vasu Nair Sanghatak Pramukh Mira Bhayander, Adv.Sneha Singh Legal Advisor. Societies office bearer ( Chairman/secretary/Tresurar)of Sector 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 attended the meeting.



Sahakar Bharati Letter of Redevelopment for CHS.



Above letter has been distributed to most of the societies of shanti nagar Mira Road.

Documents required for the Re-Development is as follow:

1. Society Registration certificate

2. NOC of all members of society.

3. Chain Registred Agreement copy of all the members.

4. Conveyance or NOC from Goverment.(compulsory)

5. Current Structural Auditor's remark certificate.

6. Society's Agreement with new developer, if any.

7. New Architect / Civil Engineer, appointment and new plan.

8. Old Blue Print Required.

9. Document required as per Goverment new GR 2009-10.